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Utair Airlines offers a flexible cancellation policy, allowing passengers to cancel their flights and retain the booking value beyond the period of validity. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel your Utair flight, it is important to familiarize yourself with the cancellation rules and guidelines. Here, we will discuss the different fare rules for cancellation, refund policy, compensation for cancelled flights, cancellation fees, and more. So, let’s dive in and explore the Utair Airlines cancellation policy in detail.

Utair Ticket Cancellation Guidelines

The Utair cancellation policy varies depending on the fare conditions associated with the ticket. Here is a breakdown of the cancellation rules for different fare types:

Minimum Economy Fare

  • The fare is completely non-refundable.
  • However, you can cancel or request a flight change within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Refund available for government taxes and airport surcharges.

Optimum Economy Fare

  • Fully unutilized/unflown/unused flight tickets are refundable.
  • Utair cancellation fees may apply.
  • After the scheduled departure, a no-show fee will be deducted from the refund.
  • It’s important to understand that refunds for partially used tickets are calculated on a prorated basis, covering only the unused portions.

Premium Economy Fare

  • The fare is refundable but subject to a cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation must be requested before the scheduled departure to be eligible for a refund.
  • No refund will be provided if the passenger is marked as a ‘no-show’.

Business Fare

  • The fare is refundable.
  • Feel free to cancel and request a refund prior to the scheduled departure.
  • No refund will be provided if the passenger is marked as a ‘no-show’.

Utair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Under the Utair cancellation policy, you have the option to cancel your reservation and claim a full refund within 24 hours of purchase. It’s important to note that no cancellation fee will be applied in this case. However, please consider the following conditions:

  • Please be aware that the departure date must be at least 7 days away at the time of cancellation.
  • Kindly note that a single booking reference must not contain more than 9 passengers.
  • If you have already requested flight changes, no cancellation will be allowed within the 24-hour window.

How to Cancel a Utair Flight Ticket?

Utair Airlines provides two options for canceling your flight ticket: online cancellation through the airline’s mobile app and cancellation over the phone with the assistance of a Utair flight executive.

Cancel Flight Ticket Online

To cancel your flight ticket online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Utair mobile app from the iOS or Google PlayStore.
  2. Retrieve your flight booking by entering the reservation number and the last name of the passenger.
  3. Select the flight option that needs to be changed.
  4. After selecting the cancellation option, the applicable refund amount will be displayed on the mobile screen.
  5. The refund amount will be calculated after deducting the flight cancellation fee.
  6. Confirm your selection by tapping the appropriate button, and a cancellation confirmation will be sent to your registered email address.

Cancel Flight over the Phone

If you prefer to cancel your flight over the phone or have a restricted fare, you can seek assistance from a Utair representative by calling the Utair cancel flight phone number.

Utair Airlines Refund Policy

The Utair refund policy allows passengers to cancel their reservations within 24 hours of purchase without incurring any penalties and claim a full refund. Here are some important points to note regarding the refund policy:

  • Outside the 24-hour window, a refund will be issued minus the airline’s penalty.
  • If you made your booking through a third-party travel agency, you should contact the original point of purchase for all refund-related inquiries.
  • A refund is only possible if the fare rule or condition associated with the booking permits a refund.
  • For bookings made with a credit card, the airline will promptly issue a refund, which will be reflected in the card statement within 1-2 billing cycles.
  • Bookings made with a debit card will be refunded within 10-15 business days.
  • Refunds for tickets purchased with cash will be provided by issuing a check in the name of the ticketed passenger or the person who paid for the ticket.

Utair Cancel Flight Compensation

Utair Airlines provides compensation in case of flight delays or cancellations. If your flight is delayed, the airline will notify you, and you will have the option to choose an alternate flight. If the alternate flight does not suit your travel plans, you can request a refund for the unused portion of your ticket. Additionally, the airline offers certain benefits based on the duration of the flight delay:

  • For flight delays of 2 to 4 hours, meals and refreshments will be provided.
  • For flight delays of 4 to 6 hours, meals and access to communications will be offered.
  • For flight delays exceeding 8 hours, hotel accommodation and airport transfers will be provided.

Utair Cancellation Fees

Utair Airlines does not levy a cancellation fee within 24 hours of purchase. However, cancellation fees apply beyond the 24-hour window and vary based on ticket type and class of service. Here is a breakdown of the cancellation fees for different fare types:

Fare TypeTicket Cancellation (in USD)No-Show Cancellation (in USD)
Minimum EconomyNot allowedNot allowed
Optimum EconomyNot allowedNot allowed
Premium Economy200Not allowed
Business Class200250

Please note that the cancellation fees mentioned above are subject to change, and it’s always advisable to check the latest fees at the time of cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: How to cancel a flight on Utair?

A: You can cancel your flight by visiting the Utair website or by calling customer service at [Utair customer service phone number].

Q: Is there a cancellation fee for Utair?

A: Yes, there is a cancellation fee of 200 USD for Premium Economy and Business Class fares. However, Minimum Economy and Optimum Economy fares are not eligible for cancellation, hence no penalty will be applied.

Q: How to check if a flight is canceled with Utair?

A: Utair Airlines will notify you via email if your flight is canceled. You can also check the flight status through the Utair mobile app.

Q: Can I cancel my Utair flight within 24 hours?

A: Yes, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of purchase and claim a full refund without incurring any cancellation fees.

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