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When it comes to air travel, flexibility and convenience are key factors for passengers. Enter Air understands this and has developed a cancellation policy that prioritizes the interests of its customers. We will delve into the Enter Air cancellation policy, providing you with all the essential information you need to know before booking your flight. Whether you are looking to cancel your ticket or understand the refund process.

Enter Air Ticket Cancellation Rules

Enter Air’s cancellation policy is designed to offer passengers flexibility and fewer restrictions. To ensure a smooth cancellation process, here are some important rules and conditions to keep in mind:

  • Cancellation Deadline: Passengers must cancel their flight before the scheduled departure time to be eligible for a refund. Cancellations are not permitted after departure.
  • Cancellation Timeframe: Enter Air allows passengers to cancel their reservation up to 7 days before the scheduled departure. However, cancellation fees and transaction fees may apply.
  • Online Cancellation: If you booked your flight directly from enterair.pl, you can conveniently cancel your flight online through the airline’s official website.
  • Flex Fare Cancellation: For Flex fare tickets, if you cancel after the scheduled departure, only refundable taxes can be claimed.
  • Full Refund: Passengers can cancel their flight within 1 day of purchase and claim a full refund. However, if the departure is within 7 days, cancellation fees will apply.

How to Cancel an Enter Air Flight Ticket?

Enter Air provides two methods for canceling your flight ticket: online cancellation and cancellation over the phone. Let’s explore these methods in detail:

Online Flight Cancellation

If you booked your flight through Enter Air’s official website, canceling your ticket online is the fastest and most convenient option. Follow these steps to initiate the cancellation process:

  1. Visit enterair.pl and log into the “My Reservation” section using your booking details, including the six-digit reservation ID and the passenger’s surname.
  2. Once you access your flight details, select the specific flight segments or the entire booking that you wish to cancel.
  3. Upon confirming your selection, the refund amount will be displayed on the screen.
  4. Click the cancellation button to initiate the refund request. If you paid with a credit card, the refund amount will be reflected in your card statement within 7 working days.

Cancel Flight Ticket over the Phone

If you booked your flight through a third-party travel agency or at the airport, you can cancel your ticket by contacting Enter Air’s customer service via phone. Keep in mind that handling charges may apply in addition to the Enter Air cancellation fee.

Enter Air Refund Policy

Enter Air understands that circumstances may change, and passengers may need to request a refund for their canceled flights. Here are some important points to note about Enter Air’s refund policy:

  • Processing Time: Refunds for credit card and PayPal transactions typically take 7 working days to process. Other forms of payment, such as cash, cheque, or bank transfer, may take up to 20 business days.
  • Canceled or Delayed Flights: If your flight is canceled or delayed for 3 or more hours, you are entitled to claim a refund for the unused portion of the ticket.
  • 24-Hour Refund: If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, Enter Air will refund the amount to the original method of payment within 7-10 business days.
  • Ticket Validity: Enter Air may not offer a refund if you apply for cancellation after the ticket’s validity has expired.
  • Missed Check-In: Passengers who fail to arrive at the check-in counter within the specified time may be denied boarding without the right to a refund, unless otherwise stated in the fare rules.
  • Lost Ticket: If you lose your ticket or a portion of it, a refund can be issued after the ticket’s validity has expired, subject to the Enter Air cancellation fee.

Enter Air Cancellation Fee

Enter Air follows a simple fare structure, offering only one fare type for all travel routes: Economy Flex. Here is an overview of the cancellation fees for both one-way and round-trip fares:

Cancellation FeeOne Way FareRound Trip Fare
Economy Flex Fare$85 USD$170 USD

Enter Air’s cancellation policy aims to provide a convenient and hassle-free experience for passengers, allowing them to cancel their flights and receive refunds. By familiarizing yourself with the details of the policy before booking your flight tickets, you can travel with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Does Enter Air offer a refund on tickets?

Yes, Enter Air allows passengers to cancel their reservation up to 7 days before the scheduled departure and claim a refund after deducting cancellation and transaction fees.

2.How much is the Enter Air cancellation fee?

The Enter Air cancellation fee is $85 USD for one-way fares and $170 USD for round-trip fares, per passenger per booking.

3.What happens if Enter Air cancels my flight?

If Enter Air cancels your flight, you can contact the airline to rebook your flight for a new travel date. Alternatively, you can also claim a refund for the unused value of your booking.

3.Can I cancel my Enter Air flight within 24 hours of purchase?

Yes, Enter Air allows passengers to cancel their reservation and claim a full refund within 24 hours of booking. However, cancellation fees apply if the departure is within 7 days.

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