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Are you planning to travel with Aer Lingus Airlines and wondering about their baggage allowances and fees? Look no further we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about Aer Lingus Airlines’ baggage policy. From cabin baggage to checked baggage, sports equipment to musical instruments, we’ve got you covered.

Aer Lingus Airlines Cabin Baggage

When traveling with Aer Lingus, passengers are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal bag, such as a purse or laptop case. The carry-on bag must fit in the overhead compartment and not exceed the dimensions of 55x40x25cm. The weight of the carry-on bag is restricted to 10kg. The personal bag should fit under the seat in front of you and should not exceed the dimensions of 25x20x33cm.

Aer Lingus Airlines Checked Baggage

Passengers traveling with Aer Lingus, except for those with Saver Fares, are entitled to one free checked bag. The maximum weight limit for the checked bag is 32kg, and the maximum dimension is 158cm (height + width + length). Additional checked baggage rates vary depending on the route and fare type.

For flights within Europe, passengers have three options: 20kg in one bag, 25kg in one bag, or 40kg spread over two bags. Transatlantic flights also offer three options: 20kg in one bag, 25kg in one bag, or 30kg spread over two bags. Business and BusinessFlex customers can enjoy up to three pieces of checked baggage with a combined weight restriction of 70kg.

Note: All baggage allowances mentioned are per passenger, each way. Saver Fares do not include any checked baggage.

The costs for checked baggage range from 45 Euros for 20kg to 55 Euros for up to 30kg when booked online in advance. Checking baggage at the airport may incur higher fees. Here is a breakdown of the prices for checked baggage:

Flight TypePrice Range (Online Booking)Price Range (At Check-in)
Flights within EuropeEUR 25-80Per Kilo
Transatlantic FlightsEUR 45-70EUR 75

Pro tip: Book your baggage at the advance sale rate up to 2 hours before your flight time to save on costs.

Aer Lingus Excess Baggage Policy

If you have additional checked bags or your bag exceeds the weight or dimension allowance based on your fare type, excess baggage charges will apply. For flights within Europe, the excess baggage charge is 10 Euros per kilo over the 20kg limit. On transatlantic flights, bags weighing between 23kg and 32kg will cost an excess baggage fee of 75 Euros. Please note that all excess baggage fees are non-refundable.

Flight segmentPrice for overweight or oversizedPrice for overweight and oversized
DomesticEUR 75
EuropePer kilo over 20kg (standard fee)

Aer Lingus Airlines Sports Equipment

If you plan to travel with sports equipment, it is recommended to book in advance with Aer Lingus. Sports equipment will be transported as checked baggage, and the maximum weight allowed is 23kg. Any weight exceeding the limit will be subject to excess baggage charges.

Passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of one piece of sports equipment. On North American flights, sports equipment is considered part of the standard baggage allowance. On all other flights, fees for sports equipment range from 40-50 Euros. Business class passengers can transport sports equipment for free. It is important to pack sports equipment properly to minimize the risk of damage during transportation.

Pro tip: Consider using a hard flight case to transport fragile sports equipment safely.

Different types of sports equipment have specific requirements and restrictions. For the most up-to-date specifications, refer to the Aer Lingus website.

Aer Lingus Airlines Musical Instruments

Aer Lingus Airlines understands the value of your musical instruments and provides options for their transportation. Smaller instruments, like violins, can be transported as carry-on baggage if they are small enough to fit under the seat or in the overhead locker. The dimensions for most flights should not exceed 55x40x24cm, while regional flights have a smaller limit of 48x33x20cm.

For mid-sized instruments, such as guitars, Aer Lingus suggests purchasing an additional seat at standard prices. No baggage allowance will be provided for the seat occupied by the instrument. The weight limit for the instrument is 75kg, and the dimensions must not exceed 94x58x41cm. Large instruments, like cellos or drum sets, cannot be carried in the cabin and must be checked as baggage. The charges for large instruments are the same as for sports equipment.

Pro tip: To ensure the safety of your musical instruments, consider using a hard flight case for transportation.

Contacting Aer Lingus

If you have any questions or need assistance, Aer Lingus can be contacted via phone, with specific numbers based on the country you are calling from. Additionally, you can reach out to support and other departments through the Aer Lingus website.

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