Japan Travel Guide for First Time Traveler


May 24, 2023
Japan Travel Guide

Are you planning your first trip to Japan and feeling a little moved with where to start? You don’t worry, we have covered all for you! Japan is a fascinating country that offers endless possibilities for travelers. In this travel guide to Japan, you’ll find the information on how to make the best your first trip to this country of ancient traditions and modern technology.From when to go and how to get around, to what to see and do – let’s dive in!

When to go to Japan

Japan is a throughout the year destination, but the best time to visit depends on your preferences & interests. Spring time from March to May is one of the most prominent times to travel when Japan’s famous cherry blossoms bloom. The vibrant pink flowers are truly a sight to behold, and many festivals take place during this time.

Summer time from June July & August can be hot and humid in some parts of the country. But it is an excellent time for beach lovers & festival-goers. Autumn (September-November) brings cooler temperatures and stunning fall foliage that transforms parks and gardens into colorful wonderlands.

Winter in Japan runs from December through February, offering opportunities for snow sports enthusiasts, foodies who want to indulge in hot pot dishes or sip warm sake while enjoying winter illuminations.

Any season can be a great time for traveling around Japan – you just need to choose what suits your interests!

Getting around in Japan

Getting around in Japan is an essential aspect of any trip to this fascinating country. The transportation system here is among the most efficient & loyal in the world. One of the simple ways to get around Japan is by using of trains. The Shinkansen or bullet train are fast and connect major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and more. They’re also convenient because they depart regularly from main stations across the country.

If you prefer a slower pace or want to travel locally within a city or town then buses are another great option. You can buy bus tickets at kiosks located outside most stations or pay directly when boarding.

Taxis are widely available but expect them to be expensive compared with other forms of transport. It’s important to note that many taxis only accept cash payments too. Cycling has become increasingly popular as a way for tourists to explore Japan’s towns and countryside areas alike with bicycles generally available for rent on an hourly basis at various locations throughout towns and tourist spots

Where to stay in Japan

Hostels and guesthouses are a great option for looking the stay in budget, . These types of accommodations are usually dorm-style with shared bathrooms and common areas. They offer an affordable way to stay in popular tourist areas.

If you’re looking for more privacy and comfort, traditional Japanese ryokans may be your best bet. These unique accommodations offer guests a chance to experience traditional Japanese culture by sleeping on futons laid out on tatami mats in private rooms.

For those who prefer modern amenities and luxury, Japan has no shortage of high-end hotels. Many international hotel chains have properties throughout the country offering top-notch service and amenities. No matter where you choose to stay in Japan, location is key. Consider staying near popular attractions or transportation hubs for easy access to everything the country has to offer.

What to eat in Japan

Japan is a country known for its delicious & unique dishes. From sushi to ramen, there are many dishes that first-time travelers should try when visiting Japan.

One popular dish in Japan is sushi. Sushi is made with rice mixed with vinegar and topped with fresh fish or other seafood. It can be enjoyed at upscale restaurants or even at conveyor belt sushi shops where plates of different types of sushi rotate around the restaurant.

Another must-try Japanese food is ramen. Ramen consists of noodles served in a hot broth usually flavored with soy sauce / miso paste, & topped with meat, vegetables, as well as eggs.

If you have a sweet tooth, try some traditional Japanese desserts like Mochi which are soft & chewy rice cakes filled with sweet bean paste or ice cream.

For those who want something decent, Takoyaki might be just what you need. They are small balls of batter stuffed with diced octopus then grilled until crispy on the outside but soft inside.

Don’t miss out on trying tempura – deep fried battered seafood such as shrimp or vegetables like pumpkin – it’s incredibly flavorful! Japan has so much to offer in terms of dining experiences for all tastes!

What to see and do in Japan

Japan is a country with full of cultural & natural wonders that are waiting to be explored. One must see destination is Tokyo, the bustling capital city known for its neon lights, street food & modern architecture. Here you can visit the famous Shibuya Crossing or climb up to the top of Tokyo Tower for breathtaking views.

For those exploring a more traditional experience, Kyoto offers a glimpse into Japan’s past with its numerous temples as well as shrines. Be sure to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha, which has thousands of torii gates lining a winding path up Mount Inari.

Nature lovers will appreciate the beauty of Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain located just two hours from Tokyo by train. During summer months it’s possible to hike up to the summit while in winter it becomes a popular skiing spot. No trip to Japan would be complete without experiencing an onsen (hot spring) bath or visiting one of many theme parks like Universal Studios Japan or Disneyland Tokyo. For something truly unique, try attending a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or participate in a samurai sword fighting workshop.

With so much diversity in culture and attractions across different regions of Japan there really is no shortage of things to see and do during your travels here!

Shopping in Japan

Shopping in Japan is a unique and exciting experience that any traveler should not miss. It is known for its high-quality products, from traditional crafts to the latest technology gadgets.

Tokyo’s Ginza district is the most popular shopping destinations in Japan. Here you can find luxury boutiques, department stores, as well as flagship stores of famous Japanese brands like Sony and Uniqlo.

Another must-visit shopping area is Osaka’s Shinsaibashi district. It offers various shops ranging from trendy fashion boutiques to traditional souvenir shops where you can buy unique gifts for your loved ones back home.

If you are looking for something more affordable, head over to Tokyo’s Harajuku district or Shibuya 109 mall. These areas offer a wide selection of fashionable clothes and accessories at reasonable prices.

For those who love electronics and gadgets, Akihabara in Tokyo is a paradise with numerous electronic stores selling everything from smartphones to gaming consoles. Shopping in Japan offers an endless variety of products along with great experiences. That cater to every shopper’s taste and budget. Whether it’s luxury brands or affordable fashion items or unique souvenirs, there’s always something new waiting to be discovered during your visit!

Tips for first time travelers to Japan

For first time travelers to Japan, there are a few tips that can make your trip much smoother & enjoyable. Firstly, it is important to learn some basic Japanese slogan such as hello, thank you & excuse me”. This will show respect for the local culture and also make communication easier. Another tip is to always carry cash with you as many smaller establishments do not accept credit cards. However, major cities like Tokyo have plenty of ATMs where you can withdraw money.

Additionally, it’s important to understand the etiquette when visiting temples. Visitors should remove their shoes before entering these sacred places and avoid taking photos in certain areas. It’s also respectful to bow before praying at these sites.

For those who are adventurous foodies, trying out new cuisine in Japan is a must-do experience! Be open-minded when trying new dishes like sushi, ramen or tempura – they might be different from what you’re used to but still delicious!

Don’t forget that Japan has an amazing public transportation system! The trains run on time so be sure to plan ahead for any trips outside of your accommodation area. Don’t be afraid to ask locals for helping hand. They are usually more than happy to assist tourists. By following these simple tips for first-time travelers in Japan, visitors will have an unforgettable trip full of cultural experiences and adventures!


Japan is an entertaining country with so much to offer for first-time travelers. From the unique culture, delicious cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and exciting activities, there is something for everyone. Whether you are interested in exploring ancient temples or modern cities, Japan has it all. By following this best travel guide to Japan, you can make the best of your trip and create unforgettable memories. Remember to plan ahead and research your destinations before traveling to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
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