A man used a magic mushroom to attack United flight attendants

magic mushroom to attack United flight

A man has been arrested for assault after authorities say he assaulted two United Airlines flight attendants on a flight from Miami to Washington, DC - because he ate a magic mushroom.

The event of Oct. 4 began when Cherruy Loghan Sevilla began causing an hour-long disturbance on the plane, according to court documents filed in Virginia last week.

Authorities said Sevilla grabbed a bystander's arm before he began "walking around the plane, running down the aisle, banging on the side of the terminal and yelling obscenities." hate". The affidavit states that Sevilla also ripped off a bathroom door panel and opened it while a passenger was inside. The flight attendants managed to get Sevilla back to their seats, but "their cries and anger went up", according to the statement.

Sevilla was lying on the ground and when a flight attendant tried to tell him to sit down, authorities said he refused and grabbed the flight attendant by the chest. The crew on board, along with other crew members and passengers, attempted to overrun the Seville, the statement said. Sevilla was handcuffed by the police, but he stabbed another flight attendant during the fight. The report said that Sevilla continued to "shout and scream incoherently" while he was tied up at the airport for the remaining two hours and screamed when the plane landed as the crew the federal government boarded the plane.

When questioned by the FBI a few hours later, Sevilla told authorities that he had taken psilocybin before the flight. Psychedelic drugs, also known as magic voices, produce hallucinogen effects, according to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. Authorities said Sevilla told them it was not the first time he had taken a drug that reminded him of 'being in his chair, making noise and touching people.

"Sevilla said he was surprised that he did this after eating it. Sevilla said he was sorry for his actions," the statement read.

Sevilla was charged with assault and battery on crew and attendants, and will appear in court next week. Sevilla attorney Shannon Quill did not immediately respond to USA TODAY.

In a statement to USA TODAY, United thanked those who helped control the situation. "We also checked with our crew to ensure their safety. We would like to thank our crew for handling this difficult situation in a professional manner," the statement read.

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